Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jesus and Ice Cream in a Coffee Mug

I've been trying to figure out how to blog again.

That's the weirdest thing for me to write. 

Figuring out how? No way. Words flow out of me, all the time, for no reason and every reason. There's nothing to figure out, it's just to do

But the doing is hard. 
It's hard because of time. It's hard because our bodies are limited. It's hard because our hearts get cluttered. It's hard because I have a lot of tasks to juggle. But it's important and it's what I'm called to, so I need to do it better. 

Monday night, the Lord infused me with his strength and diligence and I worked hard and went to bed early. I went to bed thinking, "I can't wait to get up in the morning and spend time with the Lord!" That's the best feeling. I pray that feeling comes more regularly. 

I feel it tonight - Saturday. I can't wait to get up in the morning and go worship the Lord with other believers! 

Thank God for expectation! Thank God that He humbles Himself to be with us.  

Tuesday morning I woke with expectation. I brewed coffee and opened my Bible and my notebook and I sat down excited to study.  I read from Matthew 19 about the complexity of what happens after salvation and after death.  

I drank coffee and painted my face and dressed well and felt like I had done it all to the glory of God.  That day at school, I worked hard.  I worked hard on students' assignments.  I worked hard on kids' hearts.  I worked hard to get adolescent writers to transform lists into poems.  

It was lovely.  It was exhausting.  I came home afterward with a PMS migraine and just watched Grey's Anatomy.  I put cookies and cream flavored Blue Bell ice cream into that morning's coffee mug and recorded a short video.  I remembered that my PaPa taught me to control my sweet tooth by eating ice cream out of a small mug.  I remembered that excellence in any area of work is all glory to God who strengthens us.  I smiled a lot.  

It's the little things, like coffee mugs of ice cream, that center us and point us back to the big things: God and His Kingdom and His will being done on earth through us.  How sweet it is!

Here's the link to the video I did that night. I exported it straight from Periscope.