Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beauty In Everything

Sometimes I find myself in these sappy moods where I can look at just about anything and think it's adorable.

Right now I'm watching "My Best Friend's Wedding". They - the bride-to-be, the man, and the woman who still loves the man - are at a karaoke bar, and Kimmy, the bride-to-be, doesn't sing but they make her do it anyway. She is HORRIBLE. Can't carry a note to save her life. But I find her wonderfully endearing anyway.
Jules (Julianne), the woman who still loves the man, is aggressive and far too self-centered and complicated beyond belief, but I find something beautiful about her desperation and all her quirks.
Michael, the man, is so unbelievably in love with Kimmy, for reasons that I'm just now seeing after hundreds of times watching this movie. He believes in her and defends her and then even when they almost break up, he fights for her. And he's protective of Jules and jealous of her time, even though they aren't together anymore. How lovely.

Last night I was watching "Crazy/Beautiful". The girl is one of those troubled types, depressed and a little suicidal, which evokes emotion in and of itself, but she's also an artist. She has this Polaroid camera that she takes pictures with almost constantly and she puts the pictures in a book and on her wall. I wish I had one of those.

Best Friends.
All the little things that just make my heart smile.

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