Friday, March 20, 2009

Update to a Previous post - Am I a Joiner?

In November of 2007, I created a post titled "Not a Joiner."

I read through it today and realized that a lot of those opinions have changed.

I said then, "I love Jesus...but in general, you don't see me wearing a cross around my neck or wearing a Christian t-shirt."

Now, I would say I love the literary idea of a man who sacrifices himself for the sake of the world, but I am no longer as sure about the Christian faith.
Oddly enough though, I want to invest in a necklace with an Om pendant so that I can wear it with my cross and symbolize my ambiguous faith (for the world to see).

I said then, "I want Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States of America. But it was a struggle for me to add the Election '08 application to my Facebook. You probably won't see me wearing Obama For America t-shirts. I won't buy a bumper sticker."
But not only did I add the application, but I added more and more things that said I supported him. I have one t-shirt and wished for more (I wonder if I can still get them). I had a bumper sticker on my car before I totaled it.

I said then, "I have to lay my pride down every time I put on Alpha Chi Omega letters even though I adore my sisters and everything that our fraternity stands for."
But now, I love wearing letters and am sad for the days when I'll have to be neutral during recruitment and can't wear them.

I said then, "I have to find a way to support the things I approve of without losing my identity in them."

And I think the reason all of this has changed is because I now realize that advertising something isn't losing your identity to it (unless your identity is inherently weak). In fact, now I understand and utilize the concept that you are what you wear. I still don't wear labels - brand labels - very often, unless I really know that I would vouch for the company. But sorority letters, organizational t-shirts, promotional t-shirts, religious symbols: I'm all for them as long as they line up with my beliefs.

Maybe this was just part of growing up.


  1. Ah it's so nice to see you on my blog! I found you after you joined and already am in love. Keep up the good work!

  2. I am so with you on this point. However, I accidently fashioned many an Obama handbag this past January. I couldn't seem to help myself. When your heart lines up with the merchandise philosophy it is easy to slip on that t-shirt, you know?

  3. That last comment was not posted by Darren, but by me.