Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dreams Like Water - NaPoWriMo #12

"It's easy for someone to say they'd be lost without you, but I would gladly be lost with you and relish it, drink in every wrong turn..." - Colin Gilbert, "Invent Me a Word" - today's NaPoWriMo prompt (sorry if you don't see the connection)

Dreams have the consistency of water.
They can be dived into, floated upon, waded through, splashed at, drunk in,
and they can drown.

"I want to be a star"
is a dream you'll have to marathon swim through
everyday until it comes true.
and the effort won't stop once notoriety is attained.
You'll have to keep swimming, hard, fast, constantly in order to maintain.

"I want to make a change"
is a deeper pool in which to dive,
but a more rewarding one because once you touch the surface with a purpose
the water has no choice but to ripple to make way for you.
Beware of the tide.
It will try its best to wash you away
but if you can just get to the place where the river bends
you can redirect it.

"I want to love"
is the most unpredictable swell in which to jump.
On the floor there are rocks waiting for you to stumble
and eels waiting to sting your ankles.
The water is stagnant here because we have forgotten how to keep love moving past the infatuation stage.
We have forgotten how to love with a constancy like the ocean tide,
coming in and receding with the same attitude as always.
We have forgotten how to fall into love like a swimmer with no place else to be:
arms thrown wide, submitting to everything.
We're so afraid of getting water in our nose that we refuse to be submerged.
We've all been reverted back to little children dipping our toes in,
straining to keep our heads above,
But love won't tolerate a lack of dedication.
The waters rise to take you under when you fight them.
Love, unlike fame or progress, does not want to be wrestled with,
and it does no good to pick a fight with him
because love always wins.

I treat my dreams like shower water
letting them flow over me and make me clean.
I sometimes wonder what they mean,
if there's something they know that I can't see,
but I never lose myself in interpreting
because dreams are such beautiful things that I'd rather let them be abstract,
let them fall from the sky, making puddles in my life,
and reminding me of flux and fluidity.

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