Saturday, May 16, 2009


"The lotus symbolizes the gorgeous flower that rises out of the mud of this world. It is a symbol of purity and spontaneous Divine birth." - Joan Gattuso

"Buddhism promotes understanding, not belief. Christianity promotes belief, not understanding." - Dr. Robert Thurman

"Buddhism, I believe, can work in concert with Christianity to create an ever-growing spiritual synergy." - Joan Gattuso

This is what I am aiming for.

I'm going back to Christian church tomorrow morning. Let's see what happens.

Quotes from Joan Gattuso's The Lotus Still Blooms

"With the very highest expression of Right View we relinquish our judgments, good or ill, about everything."

"We must learn to always remain calm at our depths."

"With every utterance, a vibration is sent forth...These vibrations, negative or positive, do not dissipate quickly."

Right Action is "being certain that our every action is in accord with our inner essence. It is consistency of being - as within, so without."

"What we focus on expands."

"The only sacrifice is to give up what has no reality."

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