Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Reinvention

My friend Mannie has a poem called "The Reinvention." I will admit that I am likely bastardizing the idea of the poem by using it for my own personal gain, but...oh well. Ideas are for sharing, not for hoarding.

I intend for this to be the summer of my personal reinvention. I've been doing all kinds of subtle changing over the past three years. This year, there have been some significant events that have sped up those changes. In fact, I would say that my life has changed so much so fast that it left my spirit and a bit of my essence in the dirt. So I'm trying to play some catch up and get a head start on forever...since this is my last summer as an unofficial grown-up.

Here are the elements of the reinvention:

1. I am committed to losing 30 pounds.
Progress to this point: 6 pounds.
Other notes: I want to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year.

2. I want to find a spiritual system that works.
Progress to this point: I think I'm started on the right track. The synergy of Christianity (the belief) and Buddhism (the understanding) - see previous blog post. All I really need now is the way. "All the effort must be made by you, Buddha only shows the way." - the Dhammapada
Other notes: It be really awesome to get some feedback and support on this. I am surrounded on all sides by fundamentalist Christians who think I'm going to hell. Ugh.

3. My best friend, Jessica, and I decided that my emotional scars will begin to fade once I come to the realization that I can regain control of my life. This will come from the accomplishment of these goals and from saving money.
Progress to this point: 6 pounds and a job.
Other notes: This is mostly an emotional thing. I want "the serenity of a mind at ease with itself" (Pride and Prejudice).

4. I want to compete in a couple of poetry slams.
Progress to this point: Three poems that are written for the stage and a friend who is pushing me.
Other notes: This is something I've been struggling with for a year now.

5. I want to save my own money to buy a few things by the end of the summer.
Progress to this point: I have one job and have put in a few applications for a second.
Other notes: I got into a bad habit of spending my student loan money on everything I wanted rather than saving up other money to do stuff with.

I am excited about the prospects.
We'll see where I end up.

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