Monday, February 18, 2013

Coming Back

I haven’t posted on here in forever. I could write an essay about why. I’ll spare you and give you bullet points:
  • Busy with school
  • Busy with poetry
  • Confused about the men in my life 
  • Feeling like no one reads this or cares anyway 
  • Feeling like I have nothing to say that will help anyone 
  • ^ which is also being dishonest about where I am and why 
The last two are the two I have always struggled with in regards to my love blogs. I am not your savior. I am not your pastor. I have a prophetic gift, but it is neither fully developed nor is it meant for everyone all the time. So it is silly, prideful, and off-target to think that my only job is to say things that will help you.

The purpose of this is and has always been to tell MY STORY, and hopefully through seeing my truth, someone will find in God her own truth. When I am dishonest about my struggles, I take away the element of this that makes me human and real and makes it all worth it.  We like to watch people triumph over their struggles. If you’re anything like me, those who seem perfect do not inspire you. So I have to remember to be who I would be inspired by: someone flawed who reached for the hem of Christ’s garment and was set free.

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