Friday, June 14, 2013

NAJ just iz...

If you know me personally or have followed me online for a while, feel free to shake your head at me for creating yet another blog. My prayer is that this one is the most honest (since before college anyway) and therefore that it will stand the test of time.

For the first time, I am not here to be preachy. I mean, preaching is in my nature so I KNOW it will creep in. But please understand, I titled the blog NAJjustiz because it's about me. Hopefully I can be a light by being myself, plant some seeds by following God's lead, but if not, at least I am writing down my story.

If this is your first time seeing anything about me: HELLO! Welcome! Bienvenidos! Mucho gusto. Please continue reading below.

NAJ just iz...human, woman, Black, Latina, natural, Oklahoman, following God, a book-lover, a baby snuggler, a high school teacher, a thinker, a music lover, not married, striving for justice and love, a master's student, trying to stay healthy, a writer, a performer, an editor, a dreamer.

I could add: NAJjustiz flawed, impatient, and a control freak to foreshadow some of the stuff I will post soon and later.

I will also mention that my name Najah-Amatullah is Arabic for "successful servant of God." My father is/was (I haven't heard from him in twenty years) a Muslim. I do not subscribe to that religion, although I admire the devotion I see in so many of them that so many Christians lack.  I also respect the name he gave me, because I believe that God is sovereign.  In college, friends started calling me Naj and it stuck.  Maybe four years ago, I was trying to find a shortish and easy to remember Twitter handle. I used to change it VERY regularly. NAJjustiz stuck when I went to a hip hop show and my rapper "friend" shouted me out from the stage by that name. I felt much cooler than I usually do.

(*Random question: should I continue putting myself out there as Najah-Amatullah, forcing people to learn how to enunciate and how to pay attention to detail, or should I give everyone a break and give in to my love for hip hop by giving myself a stage name/pen name/nom de plume of NAJjustiz?)

Are you ready? I already have five posts in the queue ready to get this started!

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