Friday, September 11, 2015

Truth. Beauty. Inspiration.

I'm a teacher and a writer/poet, but the newest love of my life is Younique cosmetics. 

I've always been into fashion, but have never liked how some people make it out to be only shallow and useless. What I've noticed about myself as I spend more time in the mirror is that I have developed a TRUE love for my own BEAUTY and I am INSPIRED to make myself better. I appreciate so many aspects of beauty, and I sometimes envy those of you who are barefaced and beautiful! But I no longer want to change myself into someone else. I only want to make myself the best I can be. 

The longer I work with this company, the more I love it. Not only will I never use another mascara, but I'm becoming increasingly loyal to using our products over any others. This is not just because of the makeup quality, but because of the company's commitment to supporting victims of domestic and sexual violence. The Younique Foundation provides resources and a yearly conference to aid in these beautiful women's healing process. Our mission is to uplift, empower, motivate all women, but especially those the enemy has attacked. 

A year ago I created an umbrella brand for all my endeavors. 

Truth - I do my best to live my life by the Truth, letting it change and shape me, letting it minister to people through my poems, leaning and trusting in the Word, the Christ. I also believe the truth is one of the only things that can uplift a woman who has been abused. 
Beauty - I honestly believe that submission to and understanding of the truth allows beauty to bloom where it was hidden. If we can believe in our beauty, it can empower us. 
Inspiration - And finally I know that we live by inspiration. If we can inspire a woman to be her best self, it will motivate her to keep going when the going is tough. 

I am so much a work in progress. But if ever the truth or the beauty the Lord has entrusted me with can uplift or inspire or empower someone and motivate them, then I will be eternally grateful and blessed. 


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