Saturday, October 24, 2015

Loving the Teacher Life

Every now and again I get a little emotional because I love my crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life. 

We passed out report cards today and that always requires a bit of counseling on what we need to do better next week and next quarter. I pulled an all nighter Wednesday into Thursday preparing those grades. Even though I got 8 hours of sleep last night, my body is still catching up.  I've been nursing a headache since noon. 

Two of my little loves ask me every game day in class (and some days in between) if I'm coming to the game. Today I was honest with him. I said "I'm coming, but only because I know it makes y'all sad when I don't. I'd rather lay in bed and read a book." He said "Whatever Miss Hylton. You already know what it is." And then after a few beats: "Thank you." 

On Tuesday, one of the first students who impacted me at my current school transferred unexpectedly. I was looking forward to seeing him all the way through graduation. 

Tonight, our football team is wearing pink socks and gloves and carrying pink towels. Our coaches have on pink gloves and light reflector tape. This is our pink out football game for #breastcancerawareness . Our cheer, dance, and flag girls have pink socks and bows in their hair. We have a game like this for every sport. 

Langston University's band is here with us playing through our senior night. 
10 years ago I was getting my academic letter jacket with my mama, Grammy, and PaPa on a night really similar to this one. 

When our players ran in, the fans released pink balloons instead of the usual Falcon blue. 

So when the national anthem played, I looked around, and couldn't figure why there were tears in my eyes. Then I thought of Ann Michele. And couldn't say much but, "Thank you, Lord, for trusting me with all this." 

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