Friday, June 26, 2009


i am often amazed at how quickly Divine Inspiration gets deep down into the crevasses of my heart and causes me to set things into motion.

i am motivated to do four things: teach high school english, reach out to people (especially youth) in oklahoma (starting with the capital city and immediately surrounding areas), writing and performing (they come from the same place, so I will count them as one thing), and showing people the dichotomy.

the first three things are easy.
the fourth thing is as difficult to accomplish as it is to explain.

what dichotomy?
  • the coexistence of beauty (even affected beauty) and brains
  • the feminine as it pertains to the corporate
  • the ability to care for others and yet lead with a heavy hand
  • the ability to do the best possible job while requesting only inspiration in return

are you starting to see?

i would love to be able to show people what it looks like to be an editor at a top magazine and also secretly be a large contributor to various nonprofit organizations.

basically, i want to be oprah - if she were a teacher and not a celebrity. of course, i would need her money, but i don't need the house, the manfriend, or the publicity. really, just the money. lol.

but seriously, my fellow church member brandawn, said we christians are all either "priestly kings" or "kingly priests" and we have to figure out which. i am not putting anything beyond the LORD's ability to accomplish, but i don't think i was made to be priestly. but i'm also the poorest king i've ever heard of. pastor charles says that's because i haven't yet learned to trust G-D. we'll see.

i don't know if this post made any sense.

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