Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get Out of Your Own Way

“No one can get you outside the will of God except you.”

Mentors, church leaders, and unwitting random people I know have been speaking books and poetry competitions and festivals over my life for five or more years.  I have yet to write a book…I pretend like blogging is good enough.  And I’ve only followed through on one poetry competition…I pretend like the open mic is good enough.

“You cannot be over what God has put under you until you are under what God has put over you.” - Pastor Charles Martin, Integrity’s Voice of Victory Church

That said, you can’t be under the spiritual authority/calling that you want to be under until you fulfill the requirements of the calling that God has already placed you under.  You can’t be promoted if you don’t finish training. I am supposed to make a ministry out of this (Almost 31 Women), and help this bloom. I am supposed to have at least one book out.  I can’t step out from under the single women’s ministry God put me under as training for my ministry as a wife and mom until I fulfill the initial requirements of the training as a single woman with swag.

I’ve had this inkling before but never paid close attention to it.  I am in my own way.  If I would do what God told me to do a long time ago, I might speed up the process of dating, engagement and marriage.  Just because I think I have met the one, or because it was prophesied to me that he was on his way to me, does not expunge (get rid of, replace) my former callings.

I came upon this realization again one night when DearHeart was texting me. He likes to see me perform and I was telling him about my YouTube channel.  I mentioned that there were more ministry videos than performance recordings (why? I’ve been a poet longer).  And then I started rambling to him about needing to get back into ministry mode, studying the Word, relinquishing my control to God.  All of the sudden at 3:30 a.m. all I wanted to do was study my Bible and set up a schedule of topics and posts for this blog and outline my book.  So that’s what I did.

I’ve blamed my singleness on a lot of things, but I have rarely considered that I’m in my own way.  If you want something you don’t have, consider what you might ought to be doing that you’re not.  Preparation is a prophet.

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