Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From the Writing Desk

If God blesses me with the ability to focus, I might have just started writing the piece that I would be willing to "come out" (as in "debut," not as in "come out of the closet") with.

I've always wanted it to be something that I won't mind people saying was "Najah Hylton's first published work." I haven't found it in me to write enough poems and be able to piece them together in a way that would not pigeon-hole me. I can't be "that Christian poet" or "that coming-of-age poet." I also refuse to be "that faery-tale writer." But I am willing to be (in the all-encompassing sense of the word 'be') a writer of memoirs, or of non-fiction.

I need to pull an all-nighter and do enough homework to catch up, so that I'll have time (pressure-free time) to write.

I'm working on the intro, conclusion and outline, in note form, right now.

Pray for me.

1 comment:

  1. I feel a master piece coming on!
    Don't forget scraps of paper to jot lines down or type them in your phone.