Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Maybe You're Not Doing Enough"


Yes, I volunteer for's youth group. It's cool. They tell me that we make a difference. But I don't feel it yet.

Yes, I write poetry to address stereotypes and discrepancies, to poke holes in ill-formed theories. But I don't feel the impact yet.

Yes, I'm in school to be a teacher, learning about things like the "tyranny of expectations" and why some adolescents act out. But I still haven't seen a classroom. I'm not there yet.

If I could scrap all of the other activities and start a youth poetry slam scene, I think I would be happy. Because as long as people show up and as long as we're all writing, we are making a difference. My friend Kosher has been supposed to start one for more than a year now. Stomp the Stage has done some performing here and there but we have yet to actually get a workshop program in place. We have yet to actually take a kid from the page to the stage or from inside his head to outspoken.

Maybe if I write more...
Maybe if I draw up some plans...
Maybe if I get some folks with money involved...

I'm jealous of the Excelano Project (UPenn program) and cities with Youth Speaks teams.
Oklahoma has got to rise up.
And I've got to help.

1 comment:

  1. Your advice to keep pushin', I'm reversin' it to you.
    We must write and write until our paper screams.
    You'll make a difference, the textbook speaks about greats that we embody.