Monday, March 29, 2010

Help Me Help Myself

I should be doing homework, and I'm going to sleep as soon I finish this, but I'm doing this because blogging makes me happy and the lack of happy things in my life is why I eat my emotions and my hair is falling out.

Here's the deal.
My whole life is work.  Gubernatorial campaign = work. Build-A-Bear WORKshop. Being an education major = work.  This is not to say that I don't love my jobs. I do love them. But a body can only handle so much.  I rarely hang out. I'm only available at night when everyone else is studying or sleeping like I should be.  So what I need to de-stress is time to do something good for my body, relaxing for my mind, and WITH OTHER PEOPLE. 

Here's where you come in.
I've already decided that I am going to start doing yoga on Tuesday nights again. I like Art of Yoga in the Paseo. Something like $50 for five sessions. Good prices and the teachers are great. If you want to join I'd love to sweat and stretch next to you at 5:30 on Tuesdays (there's a beginner's rate, don't remember what it is. Just call them).
But I need some more activities. I'm available most Thursday afternoons and evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings. I get up at 9:30 so I can do something starting about 10:30. I know that's difficult for some of you church-goers. But I would like to walk around Lake Hefner (or a park somewhere) with a buddy. I would like to play sand volleyball with a group of buddies. I'd like to make a t-shirt quilt, or go to the museum. 
If any of these activities strikes your fancy leave me a comment, give me a call; we'll do it. Promise.

Help me help myself. I like my hair. I don't want it to fall out due to stress. I am pretty good company. Some people think I'm funny. Be my friend. Hang out with me so I won't be lonely.

Thank you for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

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