Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My 10-year Life Plan

To do before I officially enact this plan: move into an apartment with a roommate. 
Application in, lease to sign and pro-rated rent to pay, move in starts April 30.

This year:
-lose 20 pounds or more
-keep up with all my big kid bills

One Year: By Dec. 31, 2011 (23 y/o):
-graduate with a B.A. in English Education and a minor in Spanish
-continue working at BABW and saving money
-keep my life balanced so that my hair stops falling out from stress

Two Years: Spring/Summer 2012 (24 y/o):
-maintain good financial standing
-work at BABW while looking for a teaching job for the fall
-write Lamarr's book (and some other things)
-do primary and secondary research for hearOKC
-start teaching
-get my own place with no roommate

Three Years: Spring/Summer 2013 (25 y/o):
-go to DC for (Pres. Obama's second ;-)) inauguration
-continue to write and research
- have great savings so that I can travel

Six Years: Spring/Summer 2016 (28 y/o):
-be financially stable
-keep writing and researching
-start the Oklahoma youth poetry slams 

Seven Years: Spring/Summer 2017 (29 y/o):
-start graduate school
-take a team to the Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Festival 

Ten Years: Spring/Summer 2020 (32 y/o):
-have a master's (don't know in what yet)
-have some good writing under my belt

These are the things that need to get done in ten years, in that order. But if I'm awesome and can do them faster then mad props to me.

Edits in light pink.

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