Monday, March 15, 2010

In Need of Expression

Art has been creeping up in strange mental places lately.

I got a message on Facebook from someone who wants me to try out for a slam team. The qualifying slam is April 1. I have a lot of material, the question is: will I work on it? Will I try out? "You can't fail if you don't try." But there are some things one should do while they are young and beautiful.

I keep thinking of my friend Frank - about his guitar (that he started teaching me to play once), and his knowledge of music and performance art, and his patience level (high). And I keep having this vision of me writing songs, teaching myself to read music again, teaching myself to sing again.

I still see my name on the covers of books.

I have "a tornado inside my ribcage - call it justice or opportunity or love - swirling strong enough to break bone, ready to initiate revolution." What to do, what to do...

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