Friday, October 29, 2010

To President Obama with my condolences - written 10-9-10

Dear Mr. President,
Thank you for teaching me
that there are a lot of people in this country
who really do want things to change.
Thank you for showing me
that there are people crying out against
the way things have always been.
Thank you for being brave enough to stand
for what you think is right.

But I am sorry.
There is one thing I've learned,
day after night after week
of being Black in America:
things don't change just because you want them to.
Things don't change based on what legislators do.
Things only change when multitudes unite behind something they are devoted to.

And despite what we wish to believe,
Americans today are devoted to money.
The only thing out there bigger than money is God.
And the only thing out there big enough to compete with God is money.
The Word doesn't say the Two Masters of Destiny are God and Satan,
the opponent of record coming against the Almighty is wealth,
that desire in humans to leave others struggling while we take care of self.

So I'm laying down my flag.
And it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
See my grandpa,
he fought in one of those wars too.
And my uncle, and cousin, so many of my friends and their husbands.
I have seen so much loss behind this flag.
We wave it so high,
with tears in our eyes,
ghosts in our heads,
and stripes on our arms.
But I've realized,
the only way it actually matters
is if what stands in front of the flag is God.
If what stands in front of the flag is Christ
and His call to fight for the abundant life.
An abundant life to which all members of society are entitled,
not only the wealthy.
The America I want to live in is one that stands for equality,
one where the poor are brought relief,
one where the widows are cared for,
and the sick healed of their disease,
one where Brotherly Love is shown to all of those who don't look like we.
So, you see,
nothing we legislate and no one we elect has the power to bring us peace.

So I'm sorry, but the change that I believe in isn't you.
It's not even a true American Democracy.
And it's scary to stand here and say
that the only hope for our world today,
is a Being far enough removed from the labors of humanity
to deserve to be called the King of Kings.
But He's the only One worthy of my allegiance,
the only One completely above the electoral process
or Washington politics,
the One for whom I'm laying down my life,
giving up my single interests for those of humanity.
He's the One for whom I'm picketing,
with whom I'm standing and weeping.

Dear Mr. President,
I'm sorry you stepped into a role too big for a man,
a role demanding a King.

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