Thursday, October 14, 2010


in case you don't look to the right or the left when you open this blog, i now have a new purpose for blogging.
i used to do it to organize all of my thoughts about the world. now it's to showcase what i'm inspired by. maybe you think it's lovely. maybe you think it's juvenile. maybe you think i'm dumb. it doesn't much matter. this is what i do today so that i can do tomorrow what i could not do today.

originally when i did this one, it was meant to be me in a business suit, supposedly as my political self. now it's just a professional representation. i'm probably arguing for more funding for hearOKC. :-)

this i did in class when i should have been taking notes. the mini me popped into my head first, the hand was the first intricate thing i noticed that i could copy. the cross and heart were last, for no good reason, except they are basic images and they are always on my mind.

do either of these mean anything very special to you? or do they jump out at you?

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