Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10/30 - Oath to Poetry

I swear...
You distract me in a way that makes me think on-task is a joke.
You fill me to the point of bursting
and I want to explode in front of a crowd so they know
that I love you like smooth chocolate mousse sliding down my throat.

We met a long time ago, when I was young.
My little girl's eyes couldn't see the real beauty you possess.
At that time I was too shallow to understand your depth.
You were a passtime, a plaything,
one more way to show the world I know how to overachieve.
Now your depths have made me more aware.
I understand, but I'm still too shallow to meet you there.
Or maybe I'm scared of what lies that deep.
I never go farther than two or three feet.
But maybe our connection is buried in my past.
Maybe I must face my demons if I want to make this last...

Or maybe that's not true.
I swear, you keep me needlessly confused.

What if...
what if the key is simple undivided focus on you?
I lose sight of what matters when I start to focus on myself.
You start to guide me one way and I end up somewhere else.
I just need my feet to follow the gaze of my eyes.

I swear...
I want you delve into you so deep that I get lost inside.
If you had skin, I would wish to be tattooed to the underneath.
If you had blood, I'd want to be the cells that make it look red when you bleed.
If you could walk, I'd lay my body down on puddle to make sure you stayed dry.
If you were a mortal in need of life breath, I would give you all of mine.

Just teach me what I have to do to get close to you.
Who must I be?
Through what new eyes must I learn to see?
In what new hemisphere must I learn to live?
How many more years do I have to give before you kiss me with the gift?

I suppose it doesn't matter.
Nothing you do could change the way I feel.
I could never give up on the only thing that's always real.
I am yours for all of time.
Tell me that you'll have me, and I'll give you my very life.

I swear.

Now I'm only 5 behind instead of 6.

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