Sunday, April 12, 2009

5/30 - When the Sun's Out

Everything hurts less when the sun's out.
Nature heals.
Grass feels softer than carpet.
Warm wind is better than finger tips in your hair.
Clouds look prettier than marshmallows taste.
When the ancestors look down on us from the stars, the things they whisper are sweeter even than the jokes of best friends.
Daisy petals make better decisions.
Forget-me-nots make lovelier hats.
Running water soothes longer than even jazz music.
Butterflies are better listeners than people.
Even mosquitoes just remind us to keep fighting.
Gentle, 90-degree perspiration feels fresher than tubwater steam
and real lavender smells better than Bath and Body works.

When the sun's out, smiles always balance the hurts.

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