Monday, April 13, 2009

8/30 - Work Hard, Play Hard

I've heard it said, "youth is wasted on the young."
Well I'm determined to make some change for the world while I get me some.
I won't wait 'til I'm old to do what I want to.
And I won't work so hard that I reject the impromptu.

Every hour spent working is an hour's work done.
But every hour spent playing is countless memories and reruns.

Remember the time you were so drunk you walked around the corner topless in a city where you'd never been?

Oh my gosh. I'd forgotten all about that.
Remember that car ride to Cancun when we stopped at that restaurant and got free dinners from those creepy old men?

Yes! They were so gross.
Hey, remember that weekend we spent at the shelter with those kids?

Yeah, remember how grateful that disabled girl was when we told her she could be our best friend.

See, I want to let the good times roll and look back on the memories and laugh.
But I want to do what's good for my soul and build a legacy that will last.

I'm not giving up my indiscretions
Or working my life away
But the fun I have at night will be tempered by good work in the day.
I'll never ignore the hurting people
Or take more than my fair share.
I'll sacrifice for what I believe in
And I'll push every limit I have.

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