Sunday, April 12, 2009

2/30 - Agape

Love is lying to you about what I said because I don't want to hurt you.
Love is ignoring the past
and making myself not ask the questions I won't like the answer to.
Love is glad I don't have the money to pay you.
It's glad that I streamlined
and stopped getting high.
Love is glad I laid down the knife
and now use the right tools to fight.

Love tried
but really is no longer mad at you.

Love wants you to succeed.
It wants to you always have everything you need and then some.
Where love is there's no place for greed or deceit.
You and I were never meant to be.
Maybe you and she are...
but if you're not...
I hope each of you drops the other gently.
And even if you don't think this is what you need
I hope you find somebody who can see

See your talent
See your dreams
See your potential to do unimaginable things.
I hope you find someone to sew your seams,
to make you laugh and drink your tears,
work out your kinks and help you fight your fears.

Love has let you go and can't wait to see you rise
above the horizon line into a blue sky ready to help you shine.

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