Monday, April 20, 2009

12/30 - Exploration

(More experiments with rhyme scheme more than subject matter. I'm twenty and single, don't judge me. Lol.)

My mind takes me to new places with you
Suddenly grades don't matter as much
"Because it feels good" is reason enough
And there's nothing you can suggest that I don't want to do

In my mind, your hand on the small of my back
Feels better than the cushion of my bed
Thoughts of your touches run wild in my head
and each time it's harder to stay on track

I think about your arms and the touch of your lips
I imagine your hands on my softest skin,
Welcoming your nature, taking all of you in,
Chest heaving, breath shallow and quick

And I wonder if I would know you then
Might our union join facts together to make truth?
Might the basic become a beautiful poem about you?
Perhaps your body will help your mind make sense.

I just want to explore and experience you,
See your tendencies and doubts.
Does your bedroom-self match the you when you're out?
I wonder if intimacy matches the surface you.

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